The pep-talk you need to gain confidence and move on.

The dating scene is rougher than it ever has been. This year has just been a giant pile of poop and if you’re reading this, it probably feels like you’ve been buried 6 feet under the giant pile of poop.

Being single is hard, believe me I know. In my…

How I went from being an anxious, insecure makeup artist to a confident, first class honours psychology student.

My name is Kayla! I am the ‘crazy’ girl who at 26 made the most important decisions to completely transform and re-start her life.

Today, I hope to empower and inspire you to make those changes that you are too scared to do. The ones you think are too ‘crazy’…

Kayla Matisi

Writer at! Makeup Artist. Small Business Owner. Psychology Student. Wannabe-know-it-all. Forever learning and improving.

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